Open source is part of everything we do

Ancillary is an attempt at understanding how much you rely on open source projects in your everyday work, and help you give back to those projects.

Contribute to a sustainable ecosystem that you can continue to build on with the help of Ancillary.

Projects supported.
So far.

So far, organisations using Ancillary, has contributed with $5,000 divided between 6 open source projects.

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How it works

The core of Ancillary is an algorithm designed to calculate which open source projects are most important to you, and to the open source community.

By analysing your GitHub repositories, Ancillary suggests which projects to support in both an objective and transparent way.

Organizational importance

How important this project is for all your organization’s repositories over time.

Organizational importance trend

How this project’s importance has trended recently by comparing it to its historical importance.

Community criticality

How important is this project to the open source community at large according to the Open Source Security Foundation criticality score algorithm.

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